Diode laser hair removal

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Diode laser hair removal

A permanent hair removal treatment using a Diode laser is completely safe as it is non-invasive. It has become the ultimate hair removal procedure of choice for both men and women. This is mainly due to the fact that it is a painless and effective method, as the hair does not grow back in most cases. Fundamentally, the Diode laser has a deeper reach into the dermis, due to its length of 800 nm, which not only pulls at the hair, but also acts on the hair bulb, preventing new hair from growing back. If you are thinking about beating unwanted hair anywhere on your body, contact us.

Duration of treatment
10 – 30 minutes
Every 4 – 8 weeks

Make treatment plan

Golden Clinic strives for a personal approach. There is a different treatment plan for everyone. We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes and/or problems. Contact us to make an appointment or to ask questions.
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