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Getting the best of the best from our treatments is our intention, which is why our practice employs only specialized physicians.


A professional practice

We live in an era where aesthetic treatment has evolved, becoming more and more effective and able to provide their most important benefits. At Golden Clinic, we use certified machines that can ensure the safety of our patients’ skin. We specialize in facial and body aesthetics, in the facial area we mainly focus on treating aging, sagging, expression lines and hyperpigmentation, therefore we have the height technology from various laser ranges to innovative HIFU – treatments, which are able to elevator the body and even the vagina.

We are also concerned with giving advice on the right skin care products among which we use an organic -BIO – line for facial care. With the best techniques we want to give our patients the most comfortable experience.


Beautician and Owner
My name is Edith Florez. I am a beautician and owner of Golden Clinic. Golden Clinic was born out of many ideas from home care. Every day I work in home care with people with various disabilities. I support them in their daily needs and have been doing this work from my heart for 15 years. We work from a profit motive but with the best quality of machines, products, materials and comfort. Thus, my vision is: who does good, who meets good. Making people happy is my profession. Now I take up the challenge, having obtained various trainings and certificates in facial cosmetics, body treatments, corrections, massages and many more extras. I hope to delight you soon with beautiful results. In conclusion, everyone is a business card of themselves.


Skin Therapist
My name is Alexander and I have been working with Golden Clinic since 2021. I studied medicine at the Francisco de Miranda University in Venezuela. Meanwhile, I already have 3 years of experience in the aesthetic field, working with advanced techniques such as botox, fillers, PRP and in addition not only experience with these, but also trained people who want to start in the aesthetic world without invasive treatments such as deep facial cleansing, DermaPen, cryolipolysis and more.


Skin Therapist
My name is Nikki and I have been working with Golden Clinic since 2021. My interest and enthusiasm for skin and its treatments has come from my passion of the versatility of the profession. Continually there are developments that allow us to treat patients better. I am happy when my patient leaves feeling happy about the result achieved. The fact that you can mean something for someone is the biggest reason why I started this, also I have already 10 years of experience with the care and have the right knowledge and experience to offer the right care to my clients.


Skin Therapist and Masseuse
My name is Johanna and I am experienced in body treatments and skin therapy since 2015. It is my passion to work with people therefore I worked in healthcare for 6 years before this later I started to specialize in body treatments and started as a certified masseuse. Until today I work in healthcare and combine this with my massages. Experienced in hot cold stone massages, relaxing massages and pregnancy massages.


My name is Nathalie, receptionist at Golden Clinic. My enthusiasm for the work comes from my passion for the skin. Golden Clinic offers me the opportunity to expand my knowledge within medicine through various treatments that are performed. It is my passion to work with people and advise clients better and better. I am happy to talk to you in the clinic and on the phone.

Make treatment plan

Golden Clinic strives for a personal approach. There is a different treatment plan for everyone. We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes and/or problems. Contact us to make an appointment or to ask questions.
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