Cavitation + Body Radiofrequency + Vacuum + Lipolaser

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Cavitation + Body Radiofrequency + Vacuum + Lipolaser

Cavitation is a method of exploding the membrane of the fat cell by powerful ultrasonic sound waves of 40 kHz. It causes violent vibration within the fat cells resulting in expanding and liquefying the lipids and splitting up the fat cell membrane, by splitting up the fat cells with sound waves, the liquefied fatty substance is then naturally absorbed into the bloodstream and removed from the body along with other body wastes.

Multipolar Radiofrequency is a method to reduce sagging and tighten the skin, when high-frequency waves null through the skin electromagnetic energy is converted into heat energy. This feels nice and warm and relaxes your clients during the treatment.

Vacuum after the effects of the cavitation and RF will direct the liquefied fat to the lymph points. Reducing and breaking down the cellulite, sculpting and reshaping the body areas.

Lipolaser is a cosmetic treatment that supports body sculpting; helps remove excessive fat and cellulite, without damaging other tissues such as nerves, skin, or blood vessels.

The combination of all these machines is made to convert the solid fat cells into liquid, after which it goes to the lymphatic system where later will be expelled from the body and for other side prevent the sagging

Duration of treatment
90 minutes
Every week

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Golden Clinic strives for a personal approach. There is a different treatment plan for everyone. We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes and/or problems. Contact us to make an appointment or to ask questions.
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