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EMS Sculpting

Emsculpt uses advanced technology to tone your body and help remove fat, it uses electromagnetic energy to cause muscles to contract in the area you are treating, this technology differs from other fat removal procedures in a very important way, there is no other device out there that actually firms or builds muscle. The way Emsculpt works is by contracting these muscles 20,000 times in 30 minutes, and that builds muscle tissue just like exercise, but to a much greater degree. It burns local fat reserves because these muscles need calories to fuel them for this contraction.

Duration of treatment
30 – 60 minutes
Every 3 days for: 4 – 6 sessions

Make treatment plan

Golden Clinic strives for a personal approach. There is a different treatment plan for everyone. We would be happy to make an appointment with you to discuss your wishes and/or problems. Contact us to make an appointment or to ask questions.
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